We know there is no life like the lake life and we are dedicated to keeping it that way.

Lake Weed Removal (Submerged)
Reclaim open water in front of your dock, beach, or boat slip! Our removal method has teams of SCUBA divers pull out lake weeds by the root in the treatment area that you choose. The instant and lasting results from this chemical free approach make it a great choice . (Department of Natural Resources permit may apply).


no_muckShoreline Cleanups
Waves constantly litter trash, lake weeds, and other debris along your shoreline. Keep your beach or rip rap clean with our subscription service or a per-time bases for parties and other special occasions.

dangerous_objectZebra Mussel Removal
This Invasive species is becoming an increasing risk to Minnesota waterways. These sharp mussels build up on swim ladders, irrigation systems, and dock poles that make swimming and other forms of water recreation hazardous. Keep everything zebra mussel free throughout the summer with this service.


sandBeach Sanding
Continuous waves wash away sand from your beach to expose mud and larger rocks. Consider touching up above or below the waterline with new sand. (Department of Natural Resources permit may apply)

Other Services

dangerous_objectDangerous Object Cleanups
Broken bottles, cans, sticks, and sharp rocks are some examples of underwater nuisances that keep you from fully enjoying your waterfront property. Our SCUBA divers comb through and clear away these objects in the treatment area that you choose.


cattailLake Weed Removal (Floating)
Patches of floating weeds can drift in and stay in front of your shoreline. Clean this up on a recurring or per-time basis with this service.


dangerous_objectSelective Harvesting
Our dive team has the ability to leave comb through sections and specifically target invasive plant species, leaving all native plant species intact. We work with associations and other organizations to eradicate these aquatic nuisances before they take over new lakes and waterways.

shoreline_cleanupEmergent Weed Removal
Cattails, bulrushes, and other emergent plants can engulf your shoreline and make it impossible to put in a dock system. Clear a path out to open water with this service. (Department of Natural Resources permit may apply).


navigable_waterLost Item Search
Have you dropped something of value in the water? From boat keys to tools to other items, our scuba divers scour the bottom to recover your belongings.


open_water_recWater Trampoline Management
From installation at the start of the season to removal at the end of the season to winter storage, we’ve got you covered with this service.