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We Know There Is No Life Like the Lake Life
Reclaim open water
Along your dock, beach, or boat slip
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Aquatic Innovators, at Your Service.

Lakescape LLC is a company formed in response to the increasing incidence of invasive species in Minnesota’s lakes and water systems. The impact of these fast-growing nuisances, inspired our venture to effectively control unwanted lake weeds. Lakescape, LLC helps provide the enjoyable weed-free lake environment craved by water enthusiasts.

Featured Services

We know there is no life like the lake life and we are dedicated to keeping it that way!

Beach Sanding

Continuous waves wash away sand from your beach to expose mud and larger rocks. Consider touching up above or below the waterline with new sand.

Shoreline Cleanups

Waves constantly litter trash, lake weeds, and other debris along your shoreline. Keep your beach or rip rap clean with our subscription service or a per-time bases for parties and other special occasions.

Lake Weed Removal

Reclaim open water in front of your dock, beach, or boat slip! Our removal method has teams of SCUBA divers pull out lake weeds by the root in the treatment area that you choose. The instant and lasting results from this chemical free approach make it a great choice .

In the Media

What’s So Great About Hand Harvesting?

Why should you choose our hand harvesting practice over conventional chemicals and cutting?  


“Everyone used to jump off the water trampoline and instantly get tangled in lake weeds. We contacted Lakescape and their SCUBA divers have now been solving our problem for the past 4 years!”
– Knapp Cool Oaks Association (Lake Minnetonka)